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What makes HUBER+SUHNER different?

At HUBER+SUHNER, our integrated data center solutions combined with our experience, global presence and level of service and dedication to customer needs have made us a respected partner in Fiber Optics and structured cabling. This strong presence was built on efficient collaboration with our partners around the world. We make sure of building healthy relationships with partners who share the same values as ours. We put particular emphasis on being as sustainable as possible and building on our success to forge our future presence and stay on the same success curve. Our partners are crucial pillars on which HUBER+SUHNER do business and adapt to the dynamic markets. We therefore depend on a close cooperation and look forward to continue this long tradition of successful partnerships in the data center market and welcome potential partners in joining us in our successful endeavours.

What characterises HUBER+SUHNER data center solutions?

Higher density and lower OPEX

HUBER+SUHNER offers products which combine "industry-leading packing
density" with exceptional fiber management and cable routing. Occupying
less space with "passive equipment" means that our customers can deploy
more "revenue generating servers" across their data center. Furthermore,
our front accessible fiber management systems can be placed against outer
perimeter walls which are not normally considered as part of the usable infrastructure

Faster and simpler moves, adds and changes
Both the IANOS and LiSA fiber system are designed for optimum installation and handling speed. By reducing the time required for moves, adds and changes
(MAC’s), we can contribute to a much lower total cost of ownership and much
better lifecycle costs. Speed of installation and servicing is no substitute for clear and precise port identification. We use logical fiber routing components, different colours and of course extremely visible port identification to ensure that patches are made quickly and accurately every time.

Futured-proofed for higher data rates
HUBER+SUHNER fiber management systems are designed to accommodate a
fast and simple upgrade path from 10G serial to 40G and 100G parallel optics.
The IANOS system for example allows mixed data rates and applications to
co-exist in the same high density chassis without risk of disruption to neighbouring modules and connections. This high degree of flexibility provides our customers with a better return on investment and a higher utilisation rate of their existing assets.

Less cable clutter and improved air-flow
HUBER+SUHNER strive to manufacture cable systems and connectivity components which are as compact and user-friendly as possible. This in turn, reduces cable clutter within equipment racks and prevents main cable pathways from becoming congested or over-filled as the data center grows. Business-critical switches, storage systems and servers require stable and efficient cooling to maintain operability and our goal is to design systems that have zero impact on power and cooling constraints.

Zero downtime and costly outages
Our primary objective when developing a product is to make it repeatable and
reliable over its serviceable lifetime. We do this by combining precision optics
with innovative cable systems and fiber management solutions. Making products simpler and more logical helps to improve the repeatability of installations and greatly reduces the risk of downtime in the data center. Customers can rely on our solutions to deliver "best in class" connectivity for the lifetime of the data center and we will provide warranties up to 25 years on certified installations.